International Championship of Nail Art and Design "NEW STAR - 2018"

The major event of 2018

The International Board of Judges will determine the best works. Champions and awardees will receive the Diploma of Winner of International Championship of Nail Art and Design "NEW STAR - 2018", medals and valuable prizes from our sponsors. Spectator’s Choice Award.

Courses and webinars on Nail Extension, intramural in Moscow and online by Valentina Denisenko


Motivate, inspire and train masters from around the world

I teach you to see. Each person can learn the artistic vision. The way you get to draw or sculpt depends directly on your vision. If you can’t draw at all, you have a problem visioning. You need to develop the right hemisphere of the brain. To do this, you need to train your brain. During the training, I give special exercises for the development of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for creativity.

Thanks to the use of my methods

3 000

People, trained from scratches, achieved highest results

1 000

More than 1000 people gained their abilities to the educators’ level


People – created their own business. Opened schools, studios, salons, began traveling around the world and train

10 000

Nail Artists and Trainers all over the globe have been trained by me. More than a 1000 of them, on a regular basis, participating in group or online training

I love teaching people

Teaching is my passion. Over the years of my tight educational work, over 200 eminent Nail Artists from all over the world have passed through my hands. I am proud of my graduates and instructors.
At my seminars, I teach Nail Artists and instructors to develop their own style and creative skills in a shortest time. Many people understand, to get more, you need constantly study. Studying is a hard work. To become a successful Nail Artist you need to study a lot and work hard.
As the great Leonardo da Vinci said: “Glory is in the hands of labor”.
One of my main tasks is to inspire and share my knowledge and experience. I help Nail Artists to believe in their strengths and discover their creative potential, which everyone has.


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